A Unique Holistic Approach for Aquaculture

With an average worldwide fish consumption per capita having doubled since 50 years, thus making it the fastest growing food protein supply, seafood represents an attractive, affordable, high quality and healthy source of protein.

Yet fisheries captures alone cannot satisfy this strongly growing demand, and aquaculture now fulfills more than half of it.

We at ADM are constantly focused on the best ways to accompany aquaculture farmers and feed manufacturers in their objectives to better meet this highly evolving consumer demand:

Applying precision nutrition to meet specific requirements of different species at different stages, from larvae up to harvest, in order to optimize their growth, physiology, and health;

Having a specific focus on environmental responsibility by proposing efficient alternatives to fish meal and oil;

Proposing a full range of amino acids and proven specialty feed ingredients to optimize digestibility, feed performance, and maintain animals healthy;

Offering customized premixes, functional products, technical expertise and flexible services dedicated to accompany feed manufacturers to success.

We operate on various fish and shrimp species, from tropical species to local or more common species (Tilapia, Barramundi, catfish, vannamei shrimp, etc…) and hold leadership positions in the key markets of Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Vietnam (links to country pages). To accelerate our development in the Asian region, our aquaculture offer is marketed under the Ocialis brand, specialized in manufacturing high quality aquaculture feeds in Asia.