A Unique Holistic Approach for Aquaculture
Over the last 50 years, the average global consumption of fish per capita has doubled, making it the fastest-growing supply of protein. For consumers, seafood represents an attractive, affordable, high-quality and healthy source of protein. But fisheries alone cannot satisfy this strong and growing demand, with aquaculture now fulfilling more than half of it.

ADM are constantly focused on the best ways to partner with aquaculture farmers and feed manufacturers, helping them meet this constantly evolving consumer demand:

  • Applying precision nutrition to meet specific requirements of different species at different stages – from larvae up to harvest – in order to optimise their growth, physiology, and health;
  • Focusing specifically on environmental responsibility by proposing efficient alternatives to fish meal and oil;
  • Proposing a full range of amino acids and proven specialty feed ingredients to optimise digestibility, feed performance, and maintain animals health;
  • Offering customised premixes, functional products, technical expertise and flexible services dedicated to helping feed manufacturers meet customer and consumer needs.

They focus on various fish and shrimp species and hold leadership positions in key markets such as Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Vietnam.

Hatchery & Broodstock Solutions:
ADM brands ranked among the world’s most renowned leaders in larval and broodstock feed.

  • BernAqua, an expert in advanced nutrition and environmental solutions for the first stages of fish and shrimp life.
  • Epicore, specialists in manufacturing larval feed and probiotics for the global aquaculture market, with a focus on shrimp.

Complete Aquafeed:
To accelerate development in the each region, ADM's aquaculture offer is marketed under regional brands, each of them specialized in manufacturing high quality aquafeed in their respective regions:

  • Brazil: Presence (fish) Presence (shrimp)
  • Brazil: Socil (fish) Socil (shrimp)
  • Brazil: Total Alimentos (Fish) Total Alimentos (shrimp)
  • Mexico: Api Camaron, Grow Fish, Biofingerling 
  • Ecuador: Classio & Elite by Balnova 
  • APAC:  Ocialis

Feed Additives & Ingredients:
Discover more about their Feed additives & ingredients portfolios dedicated to aquafeed.

  • Pancosma : innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient feed additives that improve the zootechnical and economic performances of farms and breed animals in a healthier way, while reducing our environmental impact.
  • ADM ingredients portfolio, innovative ingredient solutions and services to optimize performance, profitability and efficiency opportunities in aquaculture.

Premix & Services:
Wisium provides you with tailor-made premixes and customised support through technical services and dedicated support at every stage of your production system, adapted to your production methods.

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ADM Animal Nutrition

ADM Animal Nutrition