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aquaFUTURE was founded on November 17th 1983. Already in the youngest childhood the "FISCH" attracted my interest. Although I live in Siegen, I often spent my school holidays in Schleswig-Holstein until my 18th birthday. From a local professional fisherman I have acquired a lot of knowledge about the "waters" and the "fish". The "work day" usually started at 5:00am and ended at 10:00pm. It was an interesting and, above all, formative time for me.

From the age of 16, in the basement of my parental home, I conducted numerous experiments in a variety of aquariums, mainly with tropical fish.

Parallel to my extensive commercial training, I completed various internships and training courses and managed the first hobby ponds with rainbow trout. After the first practical experience with rainbow trout I specialized in the production of trout and char. These were mainly supplied as stockings to dams and large digger lakes.

Due to the great need of "stocking fish with quality", I came to the limits of my delivery possibilities relatively quickly. Above all, because more were also "difficult to produce fish" demand. From today's point of view, my decision to enter "silent partnerships" and "cooperations" with reputable partners was just right. In this context, I would like to draw particular attention to the development of the incubation box; a system that has prevailed nationally and internationally and with the help of which a part of my stocking philosophy can be realized.

Teamwork gives me time to participate in national and international trade fairs, training events and exchange of experience. Thus, it is possible for me to use the up-to-date knowledge and the very good contacts for the problem solutions of my customers.

Dietman Firzlaff

Dietman Firzlaff