Aquaculture without Frontiers was established for the specific purpose of promoting and supporting responsible and sustainable aquaculture to assist in poverty alleviation through improving rural livelihoods in developing and transition countries.

In its work, Aquaculture without Frontiers draws on the experience of respected professionals from every relevant discipline.

Aquaculture without Frontiers is unique in devoting all of its resources and attention to aquaculture; however, it does not seek to promote aquaculture in isolation, but as a component of integrated rural and coastal development plans, and of strategies to alleviate poverty.

There are a number of Aquaculture without Frontiers’ in existence and each organisation is independent but operating under the common banner and aims of the charities original founder and their UK charity’s Patron, Mr Michael New O.B.E.

Additional to the UK there are currently Aquaculture without Frontiers’ based in the USA, Australia and South America.

Tuti Tan

Tuti Tan