For well over half a century, Clextral has grown successfully on the basis of two driving forces: innovation and internationalization.

Throughout its history, Clextral have leveraged their twin screw technology to serve several industries (both food and non-food) and contribute to sustainable development. These commitments have been further reinforced in recent years since they became a part of Group Legris Industries in 2007, an independent family-owned industrial holding company. Both companies share the same values and strive to implement the following goals: long-term growth, collaborative working relationships with all stakeholders, creative innovation, social and societal responsibility and a strategy based on cultural and technological diversification.


Clextral was founded in 1956, with the acquisition of a license to manufacture co-rotating twin screw extruders for the plastics and chemical industries. It pioneered this technology, which proved itself to be more cost-effective and productive than traditional single-screw extrusion processes, while using less energy, water and polluting reagents.

For the last several years, as more responsible industrial production has become a priority worldwide, they have developed their expertise and remained at the forefront of responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes and R&D. This has allowed them to diversify into multiple markets, especially recently into Powder Industries with their breakthrough patented EPT™ Extrusion Porosification Technology. Today, Clextral are a solid and profitable company, present in 13 countries on five continents, serving hundreds of customers in 94 countries.

Clextral believe that their development is achieved thanks to the expertise of their staff and their commitment to increase their competencies and their knowledge in close cooperation with their customers and suppliers. Together they work to achieve excellence.