Dibaq Aquiculture is a Spanish company, founded in 1987. From their beginnings, they have been strongly involved in the history of Mediterranean aquiculture, then just beginning to be a productive reality with an increasingly promising future.

Dibaq Aquiculture’s vocation for participating in international markets has permitted their rapid growth, earning them the recognition of the sector in many countries considered excellent references in aquiculture.

As a dynamic, forward-looking company, Dibaq Aquiculture have always spent an important slice of their resources and development, to continually improve their farm-fish food.

Dibaq Aquiculture’s main principle is to cooperate with the client, to achieve our common goals. The experience of the professionals that make up their human teams is their best guarantee to successfully face up to the new challenges and new opportunities arising in aquaculture.

Dibaq Aquiculture’s production centres, equipped with the most advanced fish food manufacturing technologies, offer Dibaq Aquiculture clients complete alimentation programmes that can adapt successfully to different farming conditions.

At Dibaq Aquaculture, they treat client expectations as if they were their own, and dedicate their illusion and know how to an activity in which they firmly believe.

Sofía Arévalo

Sofía Arévalo

General Manager