Dinnissen Process Technology are proud to be known for their expertise, quality products and tailor-made solutions. They are even more proud that their customers and employees know they can count on them. By keeping engineering, production, testing, installation, commissioning and service in-house, they don’t have to rely on others, and that’s why others can rely on Dinnissen.

Dinnissen believe that continuity is the foundation of all worthwhile success. From a strong, solid base you’re able to act with speed and striking power. And it is from continuity, that creativity and innovation is able to thrive. In a world that is changing faster than ever, they are here to offer continuity to their customers and employees all around the world.

In 1948 Dinnissen created their first machine. Today, billions of people consume products that are touched by their machines, every day. During their 70 years in business, they have become a world leader in process technology in the world of powders, particles and granules. As a system integrator, Dinnissen can handle your entire process including product infeed, conveying, dosing and weighing, mixing, grinding, crushing, sifting and packaging. Dinnissen automates, optimises and innovates your entire production process with customised solutions. They work with you to maximise your performance and efficiency.

Are you curious to find out how Dinnissen could add value to your processes? Please feel free to contact one of their specialists without any obligation,

Tel. +31 (0)77 467 35 55 or E-mail powtech@dinnissen.nl