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In this new era of global Industry 4.0 abundant agricultural production is still the cornerstone of human development. Every year, over two trillion tonnes of cereals are produced on this planet, but nearly 800 million people still lack food.

As a leading enterprise in global agriculture and husbandry FAMSUN has, over the past five decades, dedicated itself to providing efficient and sustained solutions to the agriculture and husbandry sectors for safer, healthier and more environmental-friendly food across the world.

FAMSUN has always made joint efforts with global agricultural and husbandry producers. We stick with the thought of ‘Creating System Value’ in three key engineering areas of feeding, breeding and oilseed production to provide system solutions for our partners. From farm-to-table, FAMSUN has held fast to its reputed ‘Made with Wisdom’ and its sincere serving spirit, that has won the trust and support of partners in over 120 countries and regions worldwide.

To build a ‘trinity platform’ for research and development in Asia, Europe and America, FAMSUN has also built production bases in countries such as Egypt and has an established global marketing service network. The brand ‘Made in China’, can now be held up as a banner of efficiency, environmental protection and intelligent that provides credible services for global partners in both agriculture and husbandry.

Today, technical innovation has become the key driving force of FAMSUN. We have established four main research institutions; in German, in the US, in Denmark and in China, with joint ventures and cooperation agreements in five top technical companies in the USA and Spain. We focus on promoting the transformation of production, management and marketing modes and accelerate the application of Big Data, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things.

Recognition of FAMSUN value takes roots in our common responsibilities, common initiations and common benefits; the spirits of FAMSUN also originates from our joint ambitions, joint efforts and joint ventures.

As the world-leading agricultural machinery manufacturer and engineering service provider, FAMSUN now has the discourse power to set international standards and make joint efforts with developing countries. In Africa, we built up production bases to increase local employment, improve farmer income and help more hungry children. In southeast Asia, we provided skills training and build breeding bases to improve the conditions of grain stores and design production and loan mechanisms for local farmers, bringing them hope for the further.

Along ‘The Belt and Road’, we provided all-round supports in equipment, services and financing for local partners, vigorously increasing the developmental level of local agriculture and husbandry.

Standing at a high level, we will endeavour to provide more reliable safeguards for all industry chains to ensure grain and food security for all peoples of the world!

Jeroen Ju

Jeroen Ju