Kemin is more than an ingredient supplier; they are a global company transforming the quality of life.

Kemin is the science inside countless products you interact with every day. Kemin protect the global food supply chain with their ingredients. As new threats to food security arise, Kemin is focused on protecting our resources and preventing diseases in the future. They are always looking ahead. Human imagination, scientific insight and an eagerness to explore shape their company. Kemin look beyond what is to see what could be.

The world has transformed since R.W. and Mary Nelson founded Kemin in 1961. As technology progresses, so does Kemin. Their dedication and discipline in scientific research remain constant, as does their energy and enthusiasm for discovering new ways to make life better. Kemin question, every day, how they can channel their expertise and experience into new opportunities to improve the quality of life around the world.

From the old wool barn where R.W. mixed his ingredients and the family home where Mary kept the books came a multinational company producing more than 500 specialty ingredients, spanning six continents and employing thousands of team members serving more than 120 countries.

The first products Kemin produced answered customers’ requests for specific ingredients. Since then, their scientific breakthroughs have addressed issues of human health, food safety and protection of the global food supply chain. As the reach of Kemin ingredients expanded into animal health, nutraceuticals, pet food, food technologies, crop technologies, textiles, aquaculture and animal vaccines, so did their commitment to improving the quality of life.

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health