AQUANEO, the 100% aquaculture-dedicated brand from the TECHNA Group, helps aquaculture professionals improve their productivity and competitiveness. We supply feed manufacturers and fish and shrimp farmers with solutions to optimize nutrition, reduce mortality and stimulate the natural production of ponds.

AQUANEO's challenge? To meet the technical, economic and environmental targets of aquaculture professionals in three crucial ways:

  • Improvement of feed efficiency;
  • Enhancement of growth and performance;
  • Monitoring of sanitary risks.

AQUANEO  manufactures a whole range of products for fish and shrimp including premix, additive solutions and nutritional specialties. These are all made in France.

These quality products come with quality service. AQUANEOprovides genuine and personalized follow-up. Our experts develop specially tailored methods to improve nutrition and productivity so that feed millers and farmers can better achieve their production goals. AQUANEO’s products are available worldwide through direct sales or via our distributors.