The history of Wynveen International goes back to the two brothers Wynveen selling milling stones in 1795. During 1945, with the growth in the Dutch agricultural industry, Wynveen began to dominate the feed mill production. They are proud to say Wynveen has installed many of the feed mills which are in operation in the Netherlands today. Approximately 3,000 Wynveen sifters are being employed all over the world now.

Wynveen is located in Heteren in the Netherlands, close to Agricultural University of Wageningen. All the primary functions of Wynveen such as sales, engineering, manufacturing, service, R&D, testing and administration are being executed from Heteren.

The main product line of Wynveen contains hammer mills, 3000 and 1500 rpm, ribbon- and paddle mixers, double shaft paddle mixers, rotary sifters, coaters for liquids (vacuum or atmospheric).

To ensure its quality standards Wynveen assembles and tests all key equipment in its own plant. Wynveen exports roughly 80 percent of its current production outside the Netherlands.

With an expert, experienced and enthusiastic team, Wynveen are focusing solely on the development and construction of high quality innovative machines and installations for manufacturing livestock, fish feed and pet food. Their motto 'versatility in feed processing' will continue to apply and they wish to distinguish themselves by quality, innovation, client focus and added value. 

Not only do Wynveen execute the orders, they support you in the process! If they have an agreement with you, they will fulfil it. This is possible, because they believe in what they are doing. The most innovative technological solutions guarantee unique possibilities. Quality is a high standard at Wynveen.