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A brief summary of the trial shows tilapia that were offered Orego-Stim Plus AS in their feed had improved growth and lower mortality, resulting in a 30:1 ROI.

Florfenicol is a broad-spectrum antibiotic commonly used to treat bacterial infection in aquaculture species, and was used in this trial. Orego-Stim Plus AS is a high quality eubiotic comprised of 100% natural oregano essential 
oil and saponins, and may help to support development and maintenance of optimal gut health in farmed tilapia.

A commercial study was conducted at a medium-large tilapia farm in Campeche, Mexico, over a 28-day period. The study aimed to assess the suitability of Orego-Stim Plus AS (OS+) at 5 kg/ton of feed in place of Florfenicol (20 mg/kg biomass) in supporting hybrid tilapia health and performance. Tilapia were subjected to one of two treatments; a medicated diet with Florfenicol from 1-7 days, or a standard diet supplemented with Orego-Stim Plus AS (OS+) from 1-14 days.

Fish receiving antibiotic treatment were spilt into two groups according to initial weight to ensure appropriate active levels of the antibiotic were administered. An average of the results was calculated and reported. The fish were not specifically challenged and the observed mortality occurred under standard production conditions.


The addition of Orego-Stim Plus AS to tilapia feed has resulted in a 50 percent higher total biomass increase over the 28-day period than antibiotic treatment (Figure 1). Along with this, the study found a 37 percent increase of improvement in final fish weight, a 23 percent improvement in feed conversion ratio (Figure 2), and a mortality figure which was 5.1 percent lower that the Florfenicol treated group, reducing incidence of mortality by 48 percent (Figure 3). This resulted in a final return on investment (ROI) of 30:1.

The study demonstrates that Orego-Stim Plus AS can be a cost-effective, natural solution to maintain and support fish production in the absence of antibiotics.

For more information visit the Anpario website, HERE.


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