AKVA group's Egersund Net have announced plans for a net-cleaning service station based in Sandstrand, Norway. The project, which was planned to take place earlier, was held back as the company cited issues relating to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

The results of this have been "difficult contract negotiations, price increases, longer delivery times, and thus delays to the project," according to the company in a press release they put out June 29. The project was planned to happen in May this year but will now happen this August. Work is estimated to take approximately 20 weeks, from start to completion.

Local sports team IL Santor has already carried out demolition work in support of their community.

"They have done a fantastic job so far, and we believe this a good way to support the local community, which in turn benefits Tovik municipality," explains Geir Henning Risholm, service manager at AKVA group, Egersund Net. "We will probably use IL Santor again on a couple of different small projects for AKVA group, Egersund Net."


"We are very happy that we are finally getting started with this exciting project at Sandstrand, which will be completed early in January 2023," says Mr Risholm. "The project and new service station will create several new jobs in the region."

In a few years from now, Egersund Net plans to have around 15 employees stationed at Sandstrand, as people have expressed interest in working there. Future new customers in the area can expect an efficient, high-quality service station for net bags and other related equipment.

"Through our best philosophy and thorough training, we shall offer strong professional services by skilled employees. In addition, we have a strong focus on the environment. With our methods and high-tech equipment, we will be running a sustainable facility," adds Mr Risholm.

AKVA group, Egersund Net's history dates back to the production of nets in the 1970s, later becoming a separate company in 1996. In recent years, the company has experienced enormous growth in terms of turnover and the number of locations. Egersund Net is now one of the leading suppliers of net technology, service, and equipment for the aquaculture industry.

For more information on AKVA group visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: AKVA group

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