In the framework  of the leading AquaFarm NovelFarm tradeshow in Pordenone (Italy),  AlgaeFarm is born, focused on algae cultivation.  The new event is a revamping of the tradeshow existing focus on algae, that will grant an even greater importance to the seaweed cultivation sector thanks to a dedicated exhibition area and the conference programme already put forward in the previous editions. 17 and 18 February 2020 at Pordenone Fiere are the dates to mark in your agenda.

The event
AlgaeFarm will give voice to the most regarded  professionals and companies working in the algaeculture supply chain, creating an opportunity for discussion and debate on the hot topics of a fast-growing sector. AlgaeFarm not only offers the opportunity to meet industry professionals, but also to participate in conferences and debates on research, development of technologies for the cultivation and applications of algae.

Particular attention will be devoted to future scenarios and to the many areas of use of microalgae: from that of human and animal nutrition, to the production of sustainable energy and biofuels, up to applications in the circular economy and in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

The market
The production and processing of algae and microalgae is an activity that is pursuing  ever greater opportunities for growth. Supported by the European Union for the development of Blue Economy and the bioeconomy, algaeculture offers possibilities for implementation in many areas, such as food production and the greening of urban environments, guaranteeing a sustainable production, since it does not require soil and high CO2 inputs.

According to recent research by Allied Market Research, the algae market size is $2.7 billion USD, with an average expected growth of 4.2 percent per year through 2025. The figure includes derivatives  and extracts of brown seaweed, called macroalgae, which dominate in value the market today. A smaller slice of the market, with a value of just over 600 million dollars in 2019 and expected to reach one billion in 2025, according to another research by HTF Research, is represented by microalgae. These single-celled organisms, which include homestead species like spirulina and chlorella, as well as being widely present in many products, including consumer ones, are the subject of industry experimentation and innovation. The main areas of application are the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical sectors.

The appointment
AlgaeFarm will take place on 17 and 18 February 2020 at Pordenone Fiere during the well established AquaFarm, the international exhibition dedicated to aquaculture and the fishing industry, and NovelFarm, the most important Italian event entirely focused on new cultivation techniques, soilless  and vertical farming.

For more information visit the Algaefarm website, HERE.

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