The Aller Aqua Support concept is a series of aquafeeds based on a blend of functional ingredients that promote growth and survival in fish as well as disease resistance and prevention. This is done by balancing the microbial community in the fish gut.

Aller Aqua Support feeds have been tested thoroughly and successfully over the past two years, both at Aller Aqua Research and on more than 30 fish farms and various species under real life conditions.


What makes Aller Aqua SupportTM unique?

  • Protection
  • Microbial balancing: reduced risk of bacterial disease outbreaks by supporting and preserving beneficial bacteria
  • Long-term effectiveness: can be used continuously, without the need to change feed, no exhaustion or side effects


Healthy Fish

  • Improved health: Improved organ quality and health parameters, higher mucus production and increased gut integrity
  • Off the shelf usage: No prescription or withdrawal time
  • Increased production: Lower FCR and higher growth, leading to higher farm turnover
  • Production efficiency: Higher slaughter and fillet yield
  • Economic efficiency: Lower feeds costs per unit produced fish


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