Aquaculture America 2020 came to an end today in Honolulu, Hawaii, the show ran 9-12th February and was nothing short of a success. The meeting took place at the Hawaii Convention Center, on Oahu island, a destination known and loved around the world where attendees could almost walk out of a presentation and onto the beach.

International Aquafeed and Fish Farming Technology staff were in attendance to keep you up-to-date on what was happening and who was there via The Aquaculturalists on Twitter, you can expect an in-depth show report in an upcoming edition of the magazine.

IAF CEO Roger Gilbert (left) with Dr Albert Tacon (centre) and Dr Holger Kuehlwein (right) from Leiber GmbH who stopped by the International Aquafeed and Fish Farming Technology magazine stand during day one of the show.

John Cooksey, Executive Director of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), who hosted the event, sat down with us to give his thoughts on the show, 'The show has been good, we have had well over 2000 attendees to the conference. Over 150 booths, on the whole the show exceeded our expectations. Being located so far from the USA mainland does hinder the participation rates but it also picked up a lot more Asia Pacific attendees, as well as people who have never attended our meeting from the Pacific Islands. It was a truly international event with attendees from over 90 countries.'

He continued, 'There were over 15 technical and producer type sessions, there was plenty for everyone. We always promote students at our events, we had a student reception, student awards, and student support. The facilities have been great, in fact this convention centre has just been voted the best in the world for 2019.'

The WAS has an exciting and busy schedule of events in 2020, these are listed below:
- World Aquaculture 2020 Singapore June 8-12th
- WAS North America & Aquaculture Canada 2020 St John's Newfoundland, Canada, August 30-2nd
- Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2020 Guayaquil, Ecuador, September 7-10th
- Aquaculture Europe 2020 Cork, Ireland September 29-2nd
- Aquaculture Africa 2020, Alexandria, Egypt, November 28-1st

For more information visit the World Aquaculture Society website, HERE.

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