Anpario's recent factory upgrades
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Independent feed additives manufacturer, Anpario plc, has invested £500,000 in a series of upgrades within its UK-based production facility.

The project, which began earlier this year, involves three stages. A new transfer system between the mixer and packing system on one of the key production lines; the installation of a fully automated pallet processing system and the installation of an innovative wrap round gantry which will also increase storage capacity at the site.

'The aim of the project is to further enhance operational efficiency whilst reducing the company's carbon footprint,' explained Shane Bailey, Anpario's operations director. ' For example, the new transfer system has reduced energy consumption when transferring products from the mixer to the packer by up to 90 percent and halved the amount of waste produced from operation of that line within the factory.' 

'Not only does the upgrade reduce environmental impact, but it is also much more efficient, with the upgraded line running at up to eight times faster than the previous system,' said Mr Bailey.

'The addition of the fully automated pallet processing system is one of a range of measures and improvements at the plant over the past five years which have focused on increasing the output capacity for our products, including Orego-Stim and Anpario's acid based eubiotic (ABE) range, in order to meet on-going sales growth', explained Mr Bailey.

The investment has resulted in other benefits for Anpario, including building on quality assurance goals and improved health and safety of the operations team. The project also supports the aspirations of the company's 'Green Team' comprising individuals from each department who share the companies ambition to minimise impact on the environment.

'Anpario is fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and is working towards key milestones to deliver what our employees, customers, and stakeholders expect from us. We will achieve these targets thanks to the passion of our staff to reduce and conserve energy within the factory, and thanks to the ongoing investments aimed at making our operations environmentally sound and sustainable for the future', concluded Mr Bailey.

The final stage of the project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

Visit the Anpario website, HERE.

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