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A commercial study was conducted at a large shrimp farm in Mexico to assess the suitability of Orego-Stim Plus AS in supporting shrimp health and performance.

Orego-Stim Plus AS is a high quality eubiotic comprised of 100 percent natural oregano essential oil and saponins.

The study was conducted over a 119-day period. Shrimp (L. vannmei) were fed Orego-Stim Plus AS (OS+) at 6kg/tonne for the first 70 days. After which, data on shrimp growth performance was collected for an additional 49 days.

Shrimp from two ponds were fed a standard diet supplemented with OS+, whereas shrimp from two other ponds were fed the standard diet with no additives (control). Shrimp were not specifically challenged and observed mortality occurred under standard production conditions. Shrimp weight, total pond biomass, feed efficiency and survivability were assessed and results were averaged.

The addition of Orego-Stim Plus AS to shrimp feed resulted in:

  • A 12.2% improvement in final shrimp weight.
  • A 43.2% improvement in total pond biomass weight (Fig. 1).
  • A 26.5% improvement in feed efficiency (Fig. 2).
  • A 25% increase in survivability (Fig. 3).
  • No apparent symptoms associated with Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) or Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND)
  • A 28.1% reduction in production costs compared to the control.

The study demonstrates that Orego-Stim Plus AS is a cost-effective, natural solution to help maintain and support optimal shrimp health and performance whilst maximising profitability.

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