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Aquaculture Events are still continuing this year, despite delays and cancellations due to Covid-19. The Aquaculture Events platform allows you to invite your customers, have your business/project meetings, and organise social functions at the same time.

Upcoming Aquaculture Events:

AA21 - Aquaculture America 2021 will be held in San Antonio, Texas, USA August 11-14 2021.

APA21 – The Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2021 has been cancelled due to Covid-19, no new dates have been released yet.

AE21 - Aquaculture Europe 2021, held in Madeira, Portugal, is still going ahead on October 4-7.

WA21 - World Aquaculture 2021, held in Merida, Mexico, will also go ahead from November 15-19.

WA20 – The World Aquaculture 2020 event has now been moved to December 5-8, 2021, in Singapore.

AFRAQ21 - Aquaculture Africa 2021, will be held in Alexandria, Egypt, December 11-14.

WNAAC21 - WAS North America & Aquaculture Canada has been rescheduled to the beginning of September, 2022 in Newfoundland, Canada.

For more information about the Europe events, please visit the website HERE.

For information about the International events click, HERE.

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