The finalists of the Aquaculture Innovation Summit Innovation Showcase were announced this week ahead of the virtual event taking place on 28-29 September 2021. The Showcase provides the opportunity to hear from the most exciting companies in the aquaculture space currently looking for investment or partnership across nutrition, digital and health for various farm situations and species.

These six start-ups were chosen as they show real promise in making the aquaculture industry a more sustainable, consistent protein source. On 28 September, they will pitch their technologies followed by questions from our esteemed selection committee to get to the in-depth details of their offering. The winners will then be selected and announced live at the event.

The finalists are:

Luminis Water Technologies
A female-led water tech start-up focused on delivering real time pathogen and microbiome analytics to fish and shrimp operators. With rapid pathogen ID detection technology and next gen water quality monitoring solutions, their aim is to provide rapid and actionable data, giving operators valuable time to make key decisions and divert catastrophic disease events.

Molofeed AS
Molofeed AS is a Norwegian producer of innovative and high-quality larval diets for marine finfish and shrimp. Based on years of research, the company has developed a microencapsulation technology that allows for producing the smallest sized particles needed to feed the earliest stage larvae and replace live feeds from the diets. The company brings nutritional solutions to the aquaculture hatchery industry in EMEA, LATAM and APAC.

Next Tuna
Next Tuna will create the first sustainable European source of tuna by reproducing Atlantic bluefin tuna in a land-based, eco-friendly recirculating aquaculture system.

Sundew ApS
Sundew is a Danish/Dutch start-up biological technology company focused on developing and selling products targeted at pests and diseases of water.

TeOra Pte Ltd.
TeOra Pte Ltd. prevents losses due to diseases and improves growth.

Wittaya Aqua
Wittaya Aqua is a software and service company that helps aquaculture farms, feed and feed ingredient companies use data to make better decisions. Their mission is to help increase global seafood production in a sustainable and ethical manner. We do this with the help of our two main software tools: AquaOp Farm and AquaOp Feed. With clients in 11 countries on 4 continents, Wittaya is quickly becoming one of the leaders in precision nutrition and precision aquaculture.

The Aquaculture Innovation Summit will be taking place online on the 28-29 September 2021. The Summit focuses on accelerating the growth of the industry by addressing challenges across nutrition, health, and digital, whilst showcasing and support emerging technologies.

For more information on the event visit the website, HERE.

Registration is available, HERE.

Image credit: Bennilover on Flickr
(CC BY-ND 2.0)

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