The dates are confirmed for all operators in the aquaculture supply chain and innovations in the agritech world. AquaFarm and NovelFarm, respectively for their 5th and 3rd editions, will be held from 17-18th February 2021 in Pordenone Fiere, Italy.

"It is important for us to confirm the appointment,' said Renato Pujatti, President of Pordenone Fiere. "A signal of restart that offers the possibility for the two supply chains to continue their work, counting on a consolidated network opportunity."

It is precisely on the network, on the collaboration between institutions, research bodies and companies that AquaFarm and NovelFarm work. "We have always worked in synergy with institutions and other associations, including international ones," said Giuseppe Prioli, President of AMA, the mediterranean fish farmers Association, "and this year the network is even more indispensable to be able to get out of the economic crisis together."

"We must be able to deal with, cope with and overcome emergencies of any kind," said Pier Antonio Salvador, President of API - the Italian Aquaculture Association "and ensure that the aquaculture sector is ready, even in the future, to handle crisis situations."

During the conferences and workshops over the two days, there will be ample time given to themes that have proved to be of fundamental importance precisely throughout the lockdown period and beyond. Security, traceability, transformation, distribution and market presentation of products, consumer perception and behaviour, funding and development regulations and funds, technological innovation. These are some of the issues that will be addressed.

Among the novelties of the 5th edition of AquaFarm, there will be a contest for research and technological start-ups: what are the solutions to improve farm productivity? The call for the competition will be launched in September 2020 and will be open to participants from all countries.

NovelFarm has confirmed that for the third year, the Urban Farm Challenge 2021, an international competition for the redesign of abandoned and disused buildings, organised by the Università will take place.

Another important novelty regards algae: a theme that has always met with enormous public success since the first edition and that in 2021 sees the birth of AlgaeFarm a space dedicated to this world, both at the level of conferences and exhibition space.

Visit the Aquafarm 2021 website, HERE.

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