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The international aquaculture fair AquaFuture Spain'22, taking place from March 23 to 25 next year at the Feira Internacional de Galicia ABANCA (Silleda, Pontevedra), continues to expand its program of activities to become an important forum for knowledge.

This program, which is divided into three spaces, is already made up of about twenty lectures, round tables and presentations of great interest. Regarding the Magisterial Conferences area, it includes the opening presentation on March 23, "Present and future of aquaculture innovation", and the closing on March 25, "Facing the challenges of the sector from the value chain in key to sustainability.'

The second of these spaces, Let's Talk About Aquaculture, will be a forum for dialogue and interaction between the agents of the value chain to jointly address the challenges of the sector. It is made up of six round tables that will be broadcast and streamed internationally, which will address issues related to sustainability, cooperation, internationalisation, animal health and welfare, new ingredients, production and aquaculture 4.0.

The program will be completed with the Space for Professionals, in which presentations will be made by professionals in the sector who wish to make visible a product or service that they have put on the market or to publicise some new research. Although the program is not closed yet, there are already many companies that have confirmed their participation. Thus, on the first day of the fair there will be presentations by Hipra, a collaborating company of Aquafuture Spain, and also by Humeco & Imv Technologies, counting those of the latter with the titles "Ultrasound as a tool for reproductive monitoring in different species", "Optimising the quality of fish semen 'and' Automated cryopreservation of semen for aquaculture.'

On the second day of the contest, the presentations "Advances in the production of bivalve seed: Ecopemer Project", by the firm Acuinuga - Aquaculture and Nutrition of Galicia; 'Water quality as a key factor in biosafety in aquaculture', by OX-CTA; 'Production, Nutrition and Health in the cultivation of Seriola dumerili', by Dibaq Aquaculture; and also a presentation of the companies Tecnovit Farm Faes. "Anchoring engineering in aquaculture" by Aex-Roup is already scheduled for Friday.

AquaFuture, an opportunity
AquaFuture Spain'22 also continues to work in its exhibition area, which already far exceeds one hundred companies, from 18 countries both in Europe and Asia, Latin America, North America or South Africa.

All of them celebrate the launch of this fair, which will be the first aquaculture fair to take place in Spain since 2010, highlighting some of them as "a great opportunity to establish relationships with other companies in the sector, give our work to know and also our products ", emphasising that" technical congresses are the best way to learn to interact in the sector "and convinced that 'it will be a platform and meeting place for all aquaculture specialists in the world."

Undoubtedly, AquaFuture Spain'22, which has the Morenot company as official sponsor and Hipra, Abanca, Acuiplús and Grupo JJChicolino as collaborators, will be a point of reference for professionals in the international aquaculture sector to learn about the latest technological innovations and strategies of the market, always under the approach of sustainable resource management.

For more information visit the event website, HERE.

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