Bakkafrost, a leading producer of salmon based in the Faroe Islands, announced the deliverance of a new, 7000m3 wellboat with freshwater production capability this summer, 2022. It is expected to 'bring a significant uplift of the freshwater treatment capacity,' Bakkafrost explained in a summary of its Q4 report of 2021.

It is also expecting two new wellboats with large freshwater treatment capability, which are due to begin operation in Q2 and Q3 of 2022, respectively. The company explained that demand for these wellboats had risen, due to an increase in sea lice levels and its consequent effect on the number of treatments needing to be carried out. It attributes increased mortality in fish farmed in Scotland with compromise gill health, caused in part by blooms of jellyfish and the stress caused by handling during treatments.

Other aims of the wellboats include the mitigation of compromised gill health, ensuring improved fish health overall and reducing the risk of mortality owing to complications.

The salmon producer has a number of wellboats in its fleet, reporting in June of 2020 that they were in possession of 60 wellboats and announced in the same year a new hybrid wellboat, 109 metres long and with the capacity to carry 1000 tonnes of salmon.

For more information on Bakkafrost visit their website, HERE.

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