Sludge systems provider Blue Ocean Technology has just signed a contract with Purecod for the delivery of a Plug & Farm sludge and water treatment facility. Purecod is the world's first cod farming company using closed pens in the sea.

Purecod was granted the first closed-pen cod farming permit back in March of this year and marks a milestone for aquaculture. By farming cod in closed pens, the company guarantees fish grow optimally in a natural environment, away from predators or parasites. By including a double containment barrier, this minimizes the risk of fish escapes and reduces interaction with the surrounding environment.

The facility in question will be delivered and installed at Røneset, where Purecod will begin farming operations in the second half of 2022. The plant is designed for a low environmental footprint as it focuses on energy-efficient solutions and downstream solutions.

Blue Ocean Technology's Plug & Play system

"This is a pioneering facility in closed-cages aquaculture at sea, with full control of all discharges and the entire value chain," explains Hans Runshaug, CEO of Blue Ocean Technology. "This is a paradigm shift in cod farming. For the first time ever, sludge from cod farming can be utilised as a resource. And for the first time, we are delivering a plant for full integration in a feed barge. We are very enthusiastic about this contract."

Cod will be farmed in closed pens developed and delivered by Purecod's sister company, Closedpen AS.

"Sludge collection and repurposing is one of the most important advantages of closed pen fishing farming … having the right equipment is a critical element for success," says Mikael Rønes, CEO of Purecod. "Blue Technology offers a solution that perfectly fits the needs of our operations and will allow us to remove and dewater sludge efficiently and with low energy consumption."

Blue Ocean Technology also recently entered into a contract for the delivery of its Plug & Farm systems to Landeldi, which was regarded as an "easy choice," according to Runar Thor Thorarinsson, ED of Sustainability and Innovation at Landeldi.

For more information on Blue Ocean Technology visit their website, HERE.

For more information on Purecod visit their website, HERE.

Image credits: Purecod and Blue Ocean Technology

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