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Aquaculture sludge treatment experts, Blue Ocean Technology AS has entered into an agreement for two large sludge treatment plants for American Aquafarms.

The systems will be used in connection with closed pens in the sea and have a capacity of 15,000 tonnes each. The agreement includes a permanent Blue Ocean Technology presence on the American continent.

'This plant becomes a giant in closed farming, with full control of all emissions and the entire value chain.  We will be part of the project, from start to completion - and further into the operational phase," says Jan Henning Legreid from Blue Ocean Technology.

The plant from Blue Ocean Technology will take advantage of nature-based flocculants, and a very high level of purification of all water to be released to sea. Special focus is on nitrogen, ammonium SS and TOC. The purity also makes reusing the water in own processes possible, reducing the pressure on the plant's water supply.

'We have long seen a growing demand for sludge solutions for use in closed facilities in the sea. This often places great demands on energy-efficient and compact facilities - with robust design and high reliability,' Mr Legreid concludes.

American Aquafarms' plant in Maine will be the world's largest full-cycle aquaculture facility based on closed cages in the sea.

Visit the Blue Ocean Technology website, HERE.

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