County commissioner Michael Lübbersmann at Leiber GmbH (Second from the left).
Image credit: Landkreis Osnabrück / Leiber

Brewers' yeast is a valuable raw material: Leiber GmbH in Bramsche refines it for applications in food production, animal feed production, the health sector and the biotechnology sector.

County commisioner Michael Lübbersmann and Siegfried Averhage, head of the Business & Economics Department of the district of Osnabrück, were able to get an idea of the production processes of yeast specialty products at the brewer's yeast extraction plant in Bramsche-Engter.

Managing Director Michael von Laer and Chairman of the Board of Directors Bernd Schmidt-Ankum made it clear that the family-owned company wanted to continue to expand, but also increasingly saw challenges in terms of skilled worker acquisition.

In Bramsche, Leiber produces at two locations: The main plant on the Mittellandkanal is home to the animal nutrition area, the research and development laboratories and parts of the administration. Yeast extracts were produced, further refined and dried into powders using state-of-the-art technology. Connected to the spray tower is a semi-automatic high-bay warehouse with around 4,000 pallet spaces. Other locations are managed by the family-run company in Poland and Russia.

At all four locations a total of about 250 employees are employed, described by Mr von Laer. "As for everyone, it is increasingly difficult for us to recruit skilled workers," says the managing director. "Qualified professional training is a priority at Leiber - it is important to us to offer young people good prospects".

With County Commissioner Lübbersmann, the two company executives agreed that the strengthening of the Osnabrück university location sought by the district was a good building block in securing skilled labour, "Attractive university locations draw students to the region and keep them many even after graduation - as the relevant studies show", said Commissioner Lübbersmann. The digital professorships on the way, for which district and city Osnabrück as well as the IHK financially engaged, are therefore important for the location Landkreis Osnabrück.

With its intentions to expand in Bramsche, the long-established company founded in 1954 is clearly committed to this location. "At present, our annual turnover is around 80 million euros," outlined the Managing Director. He pointed out that Leiber has a unique selling point in the niche brewer's yeast extracts.

"There are competitors for simple beer yeast products for the feed industry. But through our research, we can offer a processing depth of yeast extracts that allow a variety of applications, "said Mr von Laer to his guests on the concept. Among other things, in addition to the flavour-giving spicy component of the brewer's yeast extracts, positive side effects such as colouring, salt-reducing or creaminess-increasing properties in "low fat products" could be used. The guests were able to find out for themselves how delicious beer yeast extract can taste in a liquid tasting.

Visit the Leiber website, HERE.


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