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Bygora announces the launch of its digital B2B marketplace for novel ingredients supplying the feed, pet food, and biofuel industries.

Novel ingredients, such as insect proteins and those derived from seaweed and single-cell sources, represent the future. But until now, producers and buyers of novel feedstock have found it difficult to connect, bygora has stepped in to help with this.

'We can put satellites in space,' notes Alexander Fuehren, Digital Transformation Specialist at bygora, 'but we lacked an efficient way to trade the kinds of sustainable next-generation feed and food ingredients that support the basic conditions of life here on Earth. That needed to change.'

By providing a dedicated SaaS B2B platform for buying and selling novel proteins, the firm aims to provide producers the ongoing revenue they need to scale up their operations, and give buyers the ready access they need to incorporate sustainable protein sources more fully into their product lines.

Bygora offers a fast, efficient, and transparent solution for the full range of B2B functions, including trading, negotiation, document handling, payment and market insights, all in one responsive, easy-to-navigate online framework. Both sellers and buyers see only the products and potential customers that are relevant to their needs, and an integrated chat feature allows real-time negotiations.

Once a deal is agreed upon, bygora allows users to book third party services, insurance, or laboratory services. Even secure digital payment methods are supported, and all transactions are confirmed with comprehensive documentation, generated entirely on bygora's platform.

For more information about bygora visit their website, 

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