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Delacon's vision is to unlock the plant universe for better lives. Using nature in its phytogenics, the company has been caring about the resilience in livestock animals for 33 years. On the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28, 2021, the Delacon team is raising awareness for the importance of health and resilience at work.

The global pandemic brought resilience back to one of the top priorities on Delacon's agenda. Covid-19 has challenged the population as a society, as an industry, and as individuals – from an economic, social, and health perspective. The feed-to-food chain has been under pressure to ensure the food supply for more than 7.9 billion people worldwide, while considering the changing consumer habits due to lockdowns and increased teleworking.

For Delacon, taking responsibility for better lives is linked to the company's vision and deeply rooted in its core values: make a difference, grow together, impact life. 'Especially in challenging times, values are guiding stars', explains Delacon CEO Markus Dedl. 'We have made a difference with the creativity in serving our customers. The Delacon team has grown together even further and ensured close connections with our partners globally – and we have impacted lives through actions of solidarity, within the team and for local communities.'

'I strongly believe that it needs healthy people for a sustainable and healthy organisation', Markus Dedl continues. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, one-quarter of all employees worldwide name the workplace as a high stressor in life. Markus Dedl notes: "The workplace can have a high impact on people's overall resilience. Therefore, we decided to not only focus on safety and health related aspects, but also to create more awareness on resilience in general. We recently kicked off our awareness program and decided to take one day off on April 28 for the entire company – to remind ourselves of the importance of health & resilience, and to recharge our batteries."

For more information about Delacon visit their website, HERE.


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