Dibaq Aquaculture specialises in the manufacture of special and differentiated products, using high quality raw materials, micronutrients and functional components. However, as a result of the innovation and needs of the global market, they have recently managed to go further and improve the quality of their nutrients, additives and formulas in their products with this new 'AquaSafe' seal that aims to and maximise value and production performance.

Why is it called AquaSafe?
This concept includes the sustainability and safety of water and Planet Earth, as well as the health and safety of fish fed with Dibaq's products, stimulating the immune system, protecting them against internal and external parasites and improving productive performance. Therefore, it is a global concept that offers and focuses on the safety of the planet and fishes.

Aquasafe combines up to five new main properties depending on the final product, size, target species and way of farming

Nutraceutical activity
Nutraceuticals are products derived from natural extracts whose nutritional and functional characteristics have benefits, improve health, and reduce the risk of disease and increase performance. These substances help to maintain the balance of the intestinal microbiota and have a favourable impact on the health and immunity of fish. These compounds are available in different sizes and combinations.

Antiparasitic activity
In addition to stimulating immunity, they are effective products against internal and external parasites. This activity provides protection against a wide diversity of pathogens. The union of both products is effective against parasites such as myxosporidia in the intestine (E. leei) and monogenans in the gills, making the new AquaSafe line especially recommended when the water temperature changes.

Focuses on compensating for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is made up of three pillars: economic, environmental and social. Dibaq Aquaculture have adopted this environmentally responsible philosophy by including fishmeal and fish oil from sustainable fisheries, which makes the FIFO that they obtain in their products historically low together with the inclusion of alternative proteins to fishmeal.

Last but not least, their manufacturing method is environmentally friendly by minimising and reusing waste and using 100 percent recyclable bags.

Improvement of micro-pellets in hatchery products
By including new micro-pellet sizes of 0.6 and 0.8 mm, and a new improved micronisation system, they are able to achieve a fine degree of grinding that allows the manufacture of micro-pellets with the assurance that each one includes all the raw materials that make up the formula. It is a very specific and high technological process through which micro-pellets are of perfect uniformity and physical and nutritional quality.

The size of the individual particles of a pellet and therefore, the degree of grinding of a feed have an important effect increasing the digestibility of the raw materials of the feed and therefore improving the productive results. Using the new line of Microbaq AquaSafe segmented and adapted for different species is especially beneficial for carnivorous fish, having a short digestive tract, and also for larvae and fry.

Digestive and functional activity
Improvement in the nutritional quality of the feed through special natural additives that optimise its use in the digestive tract. In addition, it allows correct intestinal health in diets high in vegetable flours, lowering feed costs and improving the performance and the immune status of the fish.

For more information visit the Dibaq Aquaculture website, HERE.

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