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Registration officials released the good news right at the end of year: Anta®Ox Aqua from Dr. Eckel has been successfully registered and will from now on be available through the German company's local distribution partner in Indonesia, PT Dian Langgeng Abadi.

Anta®Ox Aqua, which is manufactured at Dr. Eckel's production site in Niederzissen, Germany, has been developed for the specific purpose of increasing animal welfare and reducing the need for antibiotics. The pure botanical feed additive is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effects.

With Anta®Ox Aqua, fish and crustaceans will cope better with stress even under variable environmental conditions and show higher growth and survival rates. Furthermore, with its specific particle structure, Anta®Ox Aqua allows application in all kinds of aquaculture. The product uniquely combines health protection and welfare improvements with performance enhancement and efficiency. Thanks to Anta®Ox Aqua, producers benefit twice: They safe on medication costs, and they yield higher profits.

'We are honoured and proud that with yet another efficient, high-quality product in the portfolio of our esteemed distribution partner PT Dian, we will continue serving the agriculture industry and, ultimately, the people of the Republic of Indonesia', says Dr Bernhard Eckel, Vice President Sales.

He continued, 'Anta®Ox Aqua is one of our most innovative and effective products, a phytogenic power pack of the latest generation. Providing nutrition for animals and humans that is safe, sustainable and sufficient, is one of the main targets of our industry. Healthy animals produce healthy, quality food. Therefore, animal welfare goes hand in hand with efficiency. Any investment in animal welfare, from feeding to husbandry, pays off. And it all starts with the feed as the first part of the production chain.'

For more information on Anta®Ox Aqua visit the Dr. Eckel website, HERE.

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