Enviro Ceramic's micro bubble diffuser
Image credit: Enviro Ceramic

Enviro Ceramic was founded just over 10 years ago as a result of the plight of fish farmer Gavin Carter, who needed to make a ceramic oxygen diffuser for his RAS system in Mtunzini, South Africa.

He approached his friend and ceramic engineer Kurt Holztrager and within a couple of months of brainstorming ideas they came up with the current design of the diffuser and a novel way to manufacture the ceramic membrane and resin housing. The company Enviro Ceramic CC was first registered in July 2010.

Enviro Ceramic's micro bubble diffusers have a patented round design and hole in middle, this creates as a parachute effect when submerging the diffuser so that it preferably always lands on the tank floor facing up.

This also creates an air lift of the water into the bubble stream, making it very efficient. The resin housing and stainless-steel fittings are to prevent galvanic corrosion, while some competitors use brass/aluminium that can lead to corrosion.

In later years the anti-microbial ceramic was invented and is proving beneficial to keep the ceramic pores open, a feature that competitor's diffusers do not have and is a major cause of replacements.

In 2015 they moved to Cork, Ireland, and Enviro Ceramic Ltd has grown from strength to strength with the valued support in marketing with Dietmar Firzlaff from aquaFUTURE e.K. who connected them worldwide into the aquaculture industry.

For more information visit the Enviro Ceramic website, HERE.

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