Manufactured feeds are an important part of modern commercial aquaculture, providing the balanced nutrition needed by farmed fish. The feeds, which are available in the form of powders, granules or pellets, provide the nutrition in a stable and concentrated form, enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their full potential.

However, the processed 'wet' fish feed granules, meal or pellets, cannot be transported and stored immediately and require to be dried first. The Tema Process fluid bed dryers are worldwide for their high quality and efficient operation.

By choosing the optimal combination of air speed, air temperature, mechanical movement/residence time, the system can process powders, pellets and granular products with a wide range of grain sizes. The Tema Process fluid bed system can accurately dry and cool the fish feed.

How does a fluid bed dryer work?
A continuous fluid-bed system is a machine in which a continuous flow of 'wet' powder, granular, pellets or flakes material is conveyed over a perforated bed. Hot drying air is blown through the holes of a perforated plate. The wet solids are lifted from the bottom and causes the solids to behave as a fluid. The air velocity is adjusted to keep the moving layer of material fluidised.

Conveying of the product is achieved by means of a low- frequency, high amplitude shaker mechanism. The 'shaking' motion plug flow of the Tema fluid bed, allows first-in, first-out drying of products and well-mixed fluidisation, which covers the entire spectrum and is able to accurately control the spread of residence time.


Dynamic Fluid Bed Dryers/Coolers:
Shaking fluid beds are used for handling products with less free flowing and fluidisation properties. The product is moved through the dryer by a gentle shaking motion, low frequency/ high amplitude, which moves it forward in a step by step uniform manner referred to as plug flow.

The g-force issue is eliminated allowing for smallest possible product deterioration, reduced foundation requirements and minimal noise output. A shaking fluid bed dryer system typically has the lowest life cycle cost via substantial savings in fuel consumption and maintenance costs.


The shaking mechanism in combination with the air flow provides an optimised process for gentle drying with controlled residence time. Our shaking fluid bed units are also available in heavy duty design, Atex execution and sanitary design.

Further advantages
Excellent control of the residence time, as well as gentle and uniformly drying and cooling of the product are just two of the advantages of using the Fluid bed dryer/cooler. The Plug flow feature also ensures that the material which enters first, leaves first, whilst its independent controls allow you to monitor air temperature and velocity.

Its compact design, small footprint, high thermal efficiency is complemented by its adjustable bed height, whilst layer thickness can vary from 2 to 50 centimetres. It also features re-circulated gas
and closed-loop systems available for improved efficiency, whilst an integrated drying and cooling section.


Further advantages include low operating costs, it is easy to maintain and its reliable system design ensures less downtime. The waste heat can also be used for energy savings. By gently shaking the product up and down an optimal uniform drying result can be achieved at a lower temperature and with a shorter residence time, ensuring uniform product temperature and moisture content.

The dryer can be emptied with ease as the particles are transported through the dryer by means of the shaking system. Adjusting the frequency of the shaking influences the product dwell time and has a particularly beneficial effect on quality.


Suitable for powders, granules, agglomerates, and pellets, all surfaces in contact with the product are manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304L, whilst the system can also accommodate multi zones, velocities, temperatures, drying & cooling.

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Article contributed by Koen Egberts, Sales & Process, Tema Process, The Netherlands.

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