Blood analysis tests provide extensive information regarding the fish's health state and wellbeing. Therefore, when evaluating a new feed additive, the hematological and blood chemistry analysis can provide essential information regarding the product's mode of action and its impact on the fish.

Despite the fact that there is no novelty in this approach, to date not many researchers know how to correctly interpret the results. In this webinar we will review the crucial contribution of blood tests as a tool to analyze the effect of nutritional feed additives for fish, and will take place on July 27 at 13:00 Mexico City, San Jose, Quito, Bogota, Havana / 14:00 Santiago, Sao Paulo (Duration: 1 hr)

The Webinar will be in English with Spanish interpretation

  • Presenter: Dr. Dafna Israel, Research Manager at Phibro Aqua
  • Moderator: Keith Morris, Global Marketing Manager at Phibro Aqua

Fior Registration Click on the following Link:

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