Caption, from left: Knut Eilert Røsvik, Hofseth International AS and Erlend Haugsbø Hyperthermics AS

Fish farmer Hofseth Aqua have signed an agreement with Hyperthermics, which will oversee Hyperthermics managing their sludge.

Hofseth Aqua are expanding their land-based post-smolt plant in Tafjord and will be working with Hyperthermics for its sludge management solutions. Hyperthermics uses unique biotechnology to convert organic waste into renewable energy. Green bio-hydrogen and green biogas are generated from the same sludge and fed back to a facility to provide it with energy.

"We consider this a breakthrough for our commercial efforts in land-based aqua farming," says Erlend Haugsbø, CEO of Hyperthermics.

The plant in question will be converting sludge from closed farming into commercial quality products, with several significant ongoing projects happening within land-based farming and closed farming in the sea. Hofseth Aqua's project World Heritage Salmon, which will utilise a disused olivine mine to construct a flowthrough farm with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes a year, is one such example of this. The farm will be based in Røbbervika, where Hyperthermics and Hofseth Aqua will be collaborating on this also.

"The Hofseth Group has a high focus on utilising resources in the best possible way, both when it comes to getting the most food out of the fish we produce and doing this in as energy-efficient and intelligent a way as possible," says Project Director of Hofseth International Knut Eilert Røsvik.

"Hyperthermics' solutions are innovative and future oriented. The company will be an essential partner for us in the work of building a circular sustainable aquaculture industry."

From Hyperthermics, CEO Erlend Haugsbø, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement.

"The aquaculture industry makes considerable investments to become greener. With our biotechnology, we will contribute to solving an environmental problem by making the waste into high-quality products, and the verification in Tafjord will open up great opportunities for us. More and more land-based and closed fish farms are built worldwide, and environmental requirements are tightened in most countries," he says.

The plant will be ready in the first quarter of next year.

For more information on Hofseth Aqua visit their website, HERE.

For more information on Hyperthermics visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: Hyperthermics

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