Umitron has raised SGD$15 million in investment sourced from investors and commercial banks, to fund overseas development for salmon and shrimp farming.

Currently, Umitron offers three global services for aquaculture: Remora, Eagle and Pulse. Remora is an AI software service for feeding that can be installed at large-scale fish farms without needing additional equipment. Farmers are provided with a relatively easy installation, by installing it on the computer they use at their site and connecting it to existing cameras in pens.

In addition to easy installation, the service also has AI technologies which are able to perform appetite analysis without requiring a stable communication environment or local servers. Thanks to the software's real-time feed monitoring and dead fish detection capabilities, farmers are provided with a useful tool to optimise feeding protocols and better manage production performance.

Umitron Eagle provides the first real-time AI analysis solution for shrimp farming. It offers a solution to sector experiencing fast growth but being restrained to limited technological improvements. Challenges have revolved around overcoming poor water transparency and digitising fish production.

Eagle enables the farmer to assess shrimp production conditions using customised AI algorithms to track real-time biological conditions and other factors. This includes appetite analysis, health and growth conditions, and biomass. The company plans to expand it into Southeast Asia, India and China in the near future.

Finally, Umitron Pulse utilises satellite remote sensing technology to acquire high-res data for aquaculture applications. Parameters collected include seawater temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll concentration, wave height, winds and currents.

By detecting small changes in the marine environment, the platform helps with producer operations such as feed amounts and timing, harvesting and logistics and helps to mitigate events causing mass mortalities such as harmful algal blooms or temporary farm closures, by detecting issues early on.

It provides a 48 hour forecast, latest location data and two years of historical data which can be applied to long-term planning and risk mitigation. This service is in use in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Thanks to the financing received, the technology company hopes to strengthen and enhance the services it offers worldwide. It will accelerate establishing local subsidiaries and business development in key salmon production regions such as Northern Europe, Chile and Southeast Asia.

Umitron recently conducted a life cycle assessment on its production of red sea bream and found an encouraging reduction in GHG emissions. More information on that can be found, HERE.

For more information on Umitron visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: Umitron

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