Cited by the company as being a non-intrusive solution to support the agri-food sector, the new Nanolike IoT solution for silos consists of a fill level sensor that can be mounted at the base of one of the silo legs. 

Easy and quick to install in less than 30 minutes, the sensor uses a strain gauge to measure microscopic deformations of the silo leg in relation to the amount of remaining animal or fish feed. With a variance from five to 10 percent, Nanolike provides a reliable, easy-to-use and low-cost silo fill level monitoring solution.

The data measured by the sensor is transferred via low-power IoT network, processed by algorithms developed in-house and then made available on the Nanolike web platform and mobile application. This innovative sensor solution provides real-time access to fill levels and stock forecasts for the next four days along with the ability to place orders with just a few clicks.

In addition, automatic alerts via smartphone can be set up to warn farmers several days before one of their silos is empty. The cooperative or the feed manufacturer can also monitor all the connected silos via a web platform and use the data to anticipate the needs of customers. 
As an additional bonus, the mobile phone app can also be used stand-alone.

By creating virtual silos without the actual sensors installed, farmers can order fish or animal feed from their smartphone via a simple and effective tool that improves the customer-supplier relationship.

Digital measurement technologies
Nanolike is an international company specialising in innovative digital measurement technologies for supply chain optimisation. The company's digitised fill level monitoring solutions enable the automation of supply chains for gaseous, liquid or free-flowing materials that are transported or stored in IBCs, silos or tanks.

The team is made up of mechanical sensor technology experts as well as software and IA developers, who are supported by an experienced management team. Since its foundation in 2012, Nanolike has been expanding rapidly and today has projects in Europe, North America and Asia. 

Prime target markets are agricultural, food, and chemical industries. Nanolike has won several innovation awards, is an active member of the IoT Valley in Labège (France), and was granted €2 million (US$2.37 million) by the European Innovation Council in 2019.
A pioneer in smart silo technology, Nanolike is increasing its foothold in the UK by strengthening sales of its new, simple and ergonomic stock management and ordering tool to agricultural cooperatives and livestock farmers across the British Isles. 

Anticipating the needs of their customers
Based in the French high-tech region Toulouse, Nanolike developed the IoT solution for silos at the instigation of two key players in the French agri-food sector, Cooperl and Even, who were looking for a way to anticipate customer needs and streamline their logistics processes while reducing CO2 emissions by optimising delivery routes. 

Following the award of a €2 million (US$2.37 million) grant from the European Union in 2018 and spurred by its success on a national scale, Nanolike decided to strengthen its presence in one of the key animal feed markets in Europe and opened a new entity in Munich (Germany). 

Hand in hand with this investment, the company also expanded its sales force with a multilingual team to meet the demands and needs of customers across Europe with local language support.After signing multiple contracts with food suppliers and agricultural cooperatives in Germany, Spain, Italy and Scandinavia, Nanolike is now widening its discussions with customers in the UK. 

Although the UK market is already highly-connected, the Nanolike IoT solution is attracting growing interest from local food suppliers because of its disruptive character. 

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