Jennifer Kuo
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Aquaculture feed company Grobest has appointed Jennifer Kuo as Chief Technology Development and Sustainability Officer to sharpen focus on the development of unique technologies in line with delivering industry-leading sustainability goals.

Ms Kuo has a deep understanding of the unique Grobest technology platforms built through more than 28 years experience at Grobest and in shrimp farming throughout Asia.

In her new function at Grobest, Ms Kuo will lead the development of Grobest's unique additive and premix technology to ensure the continued success of the company's farming partners across Asia as well as leading the implementation of Grobest's Sustainability agenda.

In announcing Jennifer's appointment Samson Li, Chief Executive Officer for Grobest, stated, 'I am delighted to announce that Jennifer will be joining the C-Suite team at Grobest. Her experience will bring a new level of focus to how we develop & leverage our unique additive and premix technologies to deliver sustainable competitive advantage and better farming outcomes for our farming partners. Jennifer will also lead our ambitious Sustainability agenda. This is a critical impact area and Jennifer's appointment to the C-Suite will raise the awareness and importance of our sustainability agenda throughout the business to ensure that we set and achieve ambitious world-class impact.'

'At Grobest we are committed to lead the market in Functional Performance Feed, including Growth Enhance, Immunity Enhance and Disease Reduction, and to do that in a sustainable matter that secures the environment, and the communities that our farmers operate in, for generations to come. Jennifer has a great combination of experience and qualifications to lead this new team in order to bring our vision to life.'

For more information about Grobest visit their website, HERE.

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