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Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer that strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with its products and services, has launched a new antioxidant solution called Paradigmox® Green. This is for the organic livestock production industry in the EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa) region.

Antioxidants are a crucial element in every livestock diet, as they preserve valuable nutrients and protect the diet from oxidation, ensuring optimal animal health, performance and carcass quality.

'The science is undeniable: the risk of feed oxidation is considerable and inherent to the feed production process,' says Karen Bierinckx, Product Manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. 'Oxidation can happen at any point in the production and distribution of feed, from the addition of oxidation-prone ingredients, such as lipids, to the preparation of premix, to heat-induced oxidation during transportation and storage. Supplementation of quality, peroxide-free feed improves animal welfare and assures healthy livestock products – which we consume daily. This helps preserve and provide consumer nutritional and health benefits.'

Antioxidants are key in every diet, so Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA offers an extensive portfolio of antioxidant solutions for its customers, with each product answering specific customer needs.

Globally, consumers are demanding more natural, sustainable and ecofriendly food products, making food producers move away from synthetic additives towards 'green', alternative products.

"To meet this emerging need, Kemin has developed Paradigmox Green, a fully natural blend that is also suitable for organic production,' says Frederika Somers, Business Manager – Nutrition for Monogastrics, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. 'By launching Paradigmox Green, Kemin now can offer a complete antioxidant solutions portfolio – liquid or dry, traditional or organic – that fits seamlessly with our customers' specific requirements.'

Kemin scientists have developed unique liquid and dry blends consisting of synergistic mixes of natural tocopherols with chelators for complete protection against oxidation. The highly efficient antioxidants in Paradigmox Green are permitted for use in organic farming to help animal nutrition and health specialists meet market expectations.

'The combination of tocopherols with natural ingredients makes Paradigmox Green a very effective antioxidant that benefits the animal, farmer, feed producer, retailer and final end-product user,' says Ms Bierinckx. 'With this newest solution, Kemin can answer the market demand for more environmentally friendly practices and boost Europe's 'green' economy.'

To support animal nutrition and health professionals, Kemin also offers services to ensure optimal results when using its products.

The extensive and unique Lipid Evaluation Test provides in-depth oxidative analysis to elucidate the nutritional quality of the lipid source that Kemin customers are currently using in their diets. Evaluating fats and oils is crucial, as large variations in oxidative value and energy may dilute the nutritional value of lipids, potentially resulting in lower animal performance and possible health risks.

Kemin also provides a full evaluation of the oxidative quality of feed and feed raw materials, focusing on a complete oxidative profile validation, sensitivity towards future oxidation assessments and antioxidant recovery protocols.

For liquid antioxidants, Kemin Application Solutions offers a tailor-made liquid antioxidant application, supported by automated application technology developed and implemented to ensure excellent product distribution and ease of use.

For more information about Kemin Industries visit their website, HERE.

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