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Lallemand Animal Nutrition have recently appointed some new members to their Centres of Excellence teams, adding talent to ruminant, forage and monogastric fields.

Emmanuelle Apper, Ph.D., Manager of the Centres of Excellence,  commented, 'With this team, we expect to reinforce expertise in our various fields of investigation and to bring value by providing high-quality science and communicating our work both internally and externally. We also expect to accelerate our innovation processes.' With these new hires, the Centres of Excellence will cover Lallemand Animal Nutrition's major markets as well as new and emerging markets such as the pet food industry. 

Ana Rodiles
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Ana Rodiles, Ph.D., has joined the Monogastric Centre of Excellence as a senior scientist. In this position, Dr Rodiles will lead bioinformatics analysis trials on pets, fish, shrimps, and horses and will actively participate with research and development in these fields. In addition, she will ensure scientific intelligence in the field of bioinformatics to develop and test new models and will train both research and marketing teams.

Dr Rodiles holds a master's degree in aquaculture and a doctorate in fish nutrition from the University of Cadiz (UCA, Spain). She conducted a postdoctoral research on fish gut microbiota at the University of Plymouth (PU, UK), enabling implementation of bioinformatics analysis. During her scientific carrier, Dr Rodiles worked with massive data analysis of the microbiome of more than 15 animal species and published 35 peer-reviewed papers. Finally, she jumped into applied sciences in farming animals working as a gut microbiota researcher for a Dutch company for two years before joining Lallemand. 

Laurie Guillot
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Laurie Guillot joined the Ruminant Centre of Excellence based at UMR MEDIS, INRAE Rhône Alpes Auvergne-University of Clermont Auvergne as a research project leader. Ms Guillot will lead some research projects applying molecular biology based approaches — OMICS — to document the mode of action of Lallemand Animal Nutrition products and will develop new methods and models.

Ms Guillot holds a master's degree in microbiology. She has worked for four years as an engineer at INRAE where she researched the human gut microbiota. She has strong experience in anaerobic microbiology, molecular biology methods and the use of animal models like gnotobiotic rodents.


Richard Scuderi
Image credit: Lallemand

Richard Scuderi has joined the Forage Centre of Excellence in Chazy, N.Y. (USA). Mr Scuderiwill lead some innovative research projects applying OMICS technologies to characterise Lallemand Animal Nutrition bacteria strains and investigate the application of forage inoculants during ensiling and their subsequent animal performance during feedout.

Mr Scuderiholds a master's degree in animal science from the University of Vermont. Prior to joining Lallemand Animal Nutrition, he acted as the director of dairy nutrition and quality assurance for Mercer Milling Company in Liverpool, N.Y., for two years. He has also conducted research at the University of Vermont's College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Animal & Veterinary Sciences Department, Burlington, Vt.

Visit the Lallemand Animal Nutrition website, HERE.

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