Favatn Private Equity and Måsøval Eiendom have invested in biotechnology company Hyperthermics AS, a move that was regarded by the company as a "good match."

Hyperthermics' technology works by using hyperthermophilic bacteria to degrade biomass for the purpose of biogas and protein production. The bacteria's high working temperature speeds up decomposition and in doing so, increases the capacity of the production facilities. The main markets in mind are biogas producers and fish farmers.

"Both Farvatn and Måsøval are involved in aquaculture and fish farming," explains Erlend Haugsbø, CEO of Hyperthermics AS. "The aquaculture industry is investing heavily in becoming greener, and our solutions contribute, among other things, to transforming fish sludge into a valuable resource."

Many shareholders in the company are involved in biogas or fish farming, meaning they are interested in successfully commercialising Hyperthermics' technology.

Tore Hopen, CEO of Farvatn Private Equity

"Climate, environment, and energy are very relevant topics. We believe in Hyperthermics' unique approach to converting waste into climate-neutral energy and proteins," remarks Tore Hopen, CEO of Favatn Private Equity.


Favatn and Måsøval currently hold 11 percent of shares in Hyperthermics, a move that is 'a mark of quality.' Both shareholders are helping to strengthen the commercialisation of the technology.

Hyperthermics was recently chosen by fish farmer Hofseth Aqua to manage sludge at a land-based plant in Tafjord and can be read about, HERE.

For more information on Hyperthermics visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: Hyperthermics

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