Leiber GmbH has expanded its product range in the area of combined yeast products and adjusted their feed to meet current market trends.

For more than 60 years now, Leiber has been combining pure brewers' yeast with functional fibre products such as brewers' grains, malt sprouts or wheat germ in a manufacturing process they developed themselves to protect the nutritional ingredients in brewers' yeast.

For several years, the demand for so-called grain-free products has been growing, especially in the horse and pet food sector. Now Leiber is taking this trend into account and also offering innovative combinations with grain-free fibre components in Leiber YeaFi® - The Yeast Fibre Concept.

This new concept involves combining pure brewers' yeast with depectinised apple pomace, unmolassed beet slices, pea fibres and carrot pomace. Apart from pet food, the new Leiber YeaFi® products are also, of course, suitable for feeding livestock. Together with the traditional combined products, such as Leiber BT brewers' yeast or BM brewers' yeast, Leiber YeaFi® - The Yeast Fibre Concept currently comprises eight products divided into Grain Plus and Grain Free.

Thanks to the dietetic and prebiotic mechanisms of the action of brewers' yeast with its many valuable and highly available ingredients, such as B vitamins, amino acids and minerals, each feed mixture offers significant value added. The gentle drying process of pure brewers' yeast combined with high-fibre dietetic fibre components is not only unique, but also supplements nutritional advantages with improved processing and storing properties and optimal feed intake in the best possible way.

You will find more information on our Leiber YeaFi® products, HERE, or by contacting a Leiber sales representative, HERE.


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