Recent assessments carried out by technology company Umitron investigated the environmental footprint of ASC-certified red sea bream, which is sold under their sustainability brand, Umi to Sachi.

Using the life cycle assessment – which is a method to assess the environmental impact of a product by breaking it down by processes – the company measured greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced across the whole value chain from raw material procurement, to end-use and finally, disposal. Results of the analysis showed that Umitron Cell, the AI-powered smart feeder from Umitron, reduced feed-related GHG emissions by 20 percent when compared with conventional automatic feeders.

Comparison of emissions with conventional feeders

The life cycle assessment of the ASC-certified red sea bream revealed that GHG emissions were around 1048g CO2 per 100g of product. Umitron plans to add more data on GHG reductions for products farmed using Umitron Cell in the future. Procurement of raw materials showed to account for more than 80 percent of the product's total emissions.


Comparing conventional automatic feeders Umitron Cell was able to decrease GHG emissions by 20 percent, says the company. This 20 percent reduction translates to an hour of air conditioner use at home. This reduction is attributed to the AI-based Fish Appetite Index (FAI) which is used to analyse fish behaviour during feeding which helps to minimise the amount of feed wastage.

The company hopes to improve environmental sustainability by helping to reduce aquaculture's carbon footprint, going hand in hand with their journey to develop technologies to improve farm environments and fish production efficiency. Based on the positive results obtained from this life cycle assessment, Umitron plans to include the carbon footprint of their products going forward.

"We want to play a more central role in achieving a low-carbon economy by encouraging consumers to be more sustainability-focused when shopping and choosing more eco-friendly products," says the company.

Umitron's brand Umi to Sachi was launched in June of last year and operates by selling farmed red sea bream from farms that utilise AI.

For more information on Umitron visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: Umitron

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