Lisaqua, a company currently responsible for developing the first land-based shrimp farm in France – and can be read about HERE – has launched a feasibility study into using recovered energy to power the project, from an energy recovery unit (ERU) in France.

The study is being launched in collaboration with the SMITOM authority, an authority in charge of treating and recovering household waste – and Veolia – a company designing solutions for water, waste and energy management.

In April of last year, SMITOM authority and Veolia launched 'Valo'Pulse', a competition aimed at agricultural or industrial project holders wanting to utilise reliable and renewable heat sources, in order to limit the environmental impact of their operations.

The competition makes it possible to identify, select and support projects that belong to a circular economy approach which commits to creating local and sustainable energy synergies. It also promotes local employment.

Lisaqua has been selected as winner of this competition and has now been chosen for a project that will investigate the feasibility of setting up France's first land-based shrimp farm using heat from an energy recovery unit in Monthyon, France. Lisaqua has already developed an aquaculture production system with a low environmental impact and close to consumers, to reduce the emissions created by importing seafood. This echoes their 'triple zero' guarantee: zero antibiotics, zero km travelled and zero polluting discharge.

The company will be relying on the recovery of waste heat from Veolia's ERU so that the farm's water at the right temperature can be maintained. Constructing the heat exchanger and shrimp farm is scheduled for 2024.

"Our vision is to produce more efficiently, with fewer resources," explains Gabriel Boneu, Lisaqua's co-founder. "We are delighted to build this first farm project based on an industrial ecology model, in partnership with the dynamic teams of the SMITOM and Veolia, who will be able to bring their expertise and experience."

"We are very pleased to welcome Lisaqua to our Monthyon site," says Jean-François Léger, President of SMITOM du Nord Seine-et-Marne. "The project as presented has convinced us, as much by the passion and ambition of its designers as by the seriousness of their approach. We hope that it will be carried through to completion … in the interests of the region and with regards to its environmental and social impact."

Concluding, Pascal Tissot, the Regional Director for Waste Recycling and Recovery from Veolia says they are "committed to ecological transformation."

"In particular by supporting territories in their environmental transition and the reuse of resources, we are committed to actively participating in the implementation of this unique project in France."

Image credit: evan p. cordes on Flickr
(CC by 2.0)

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