Manolin announced their real-time data integrations with PatoGen, Cognite and Meox, adding to their list of current integrations which includes the companies AKVA group, BarentsWatch, ScaleAQ, and others. Manolin, a software company aiding fish health, provides a data management platform in order to ensure fish farmers have all the information and factors at their disposal to make decisions about fish health and welfare.

Manolin offers one dashboard for fish farmers which enables them to track test results, environmental factors, production outcomes, sensor data, and others. In doing so, Manolin creates a 'unique fish health profile', it explained in a press release dated the 26th January, 2022, which provides key decision-making on farm performance, product and provider choices, and risk factors related to diseases, mortality, and so on.

'The ability to find lab results, environmental information, and farm data in one place has great potential to improve our production,' Andreas Skagøy, the Fish Health Manager Måsøval Fiskeoppdrett explained. 'With this, our team can optimise efficiency, more accurately assess risk, and improve our fish welfare. These open and connected data systems can allow more farmers—and the industry—to improve their strategies with better tools."

'Farmers today need to manage information from many different sources in order to make the best decisions. We're excited to be adding more integrations that will make data accessible throughout the organisation but also identify the risk factors contributing to each farmer's unique fish health profile. For example, which conditions are leading to more disease, mortality events, or ineffective lice treatments,' John Costantino, the Co-Founder and CTO of Manolin, remarked.

Manolin have been utilising their platform to assist the aquaculture sector with becoming more sustainable, as companies look to ways to measure their sustainability and improve practices – and can do so by monitoring and tracking their changes over a period of time.

For more information on Manolin visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: Manolin

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