Caption, from left: Jan Erik Kyrkjebø & Torstein Rønning

FiiZK, a developer of digital integration platforms for the aquaculture sector, has merged with Ecomerden, it announced in a press release from today. Both companies are involved with developing and delivering semi-closed cage systems, as Ecomerden develops closed containment systems designed to create safe, healthy environments for farmed fish.

The integration of these companies will 'strengthen delivery capacity at the same time as we accelerate further development of design and functionality,' Torstein Rønning, the general manager of Fiizk, explained.

Jan Erik Kyrkjebø, the general manager of Ecomerden, said that he looked forward to bringing both his employees and technology into a larger company and to strengthen the opportunities available for Ecomerden's solutions.

The press release concluded by saying, 'The integration of the companies has already begun to ensure a successful and efficient merger process with customers and suppliers.'

Both companies have celebrated recent opportunities and success, as Fiizk announced in the days leading up to Christmas it had agreed the delivery of closed cages to a number of companies, included Osland Havbruk, Hiddenfjord and Pure Norwegian Seafood. They also detailed having sold more than one thousand lice skirts internationally.

Ecomerden said in September of last year that the launch of their semi-closed cage, the third in the series Ecomerden R20, had been sent to a fish farm site in Fensfjorden, Norway. It also announced the delivery of major projects following the Aqua Nor conference, in August 2021.

For more information on FiiZK visit their website, HERE.

For more information on Ecomerden visit their website, HERE.

Image credit: FiiZK

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