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Inteqnion b.v., part of the TRIOTT Group and one of Europe's leading companies in process control and optimisation for the feed milling and milling industry has announced that Michael Larsen will be joining as Director of Sales, with the management responsibility for all sales outside Holland. He will also represent all TRIOTT Group companies in general.

Michael Larsen has over 20 years experience in the feed milling industry and worked with Daniit and Norvidan, where he held positions as both Director of Sales and CEO. He worked worldwide in these positions, ranging from New Zealand over Scandinavia to Latin America. Mr Larsen has both a technical engineering background as well as an economic degree and has been member of the board of directors for several tech-companies. Mr Larsen was head of development of the Norvidan 'On-line Density Tester' and the 'Temperature at the Die system' (for which Norvidan received several awards, among others from Aquafeed.com).

'I am very excited getting the opportunity to join the TRIOTT group as I have always admired their passion for the feed milling industry and the way they conducted their business. I had the privilege to do projects together with both Ottevanger and Inteqnion during my time at Norvidan. I came to admire how focused and dedicated Erik and René Ottevanger and the entire group were on delivering on time and make an outstanding project for their customers. When René contacted me to join the team I had no hesitations what so ever and I am looking forward to working with all my knowledgeable colleges at Inteqnion and the companies of the TRIOTT Group. Together we will bring their excellent products to the market in Scandinavian as well as globally,' said Mr Larsen.

René Ottevanger commented, 'We are very pleased that Michael joined the Inteqnion team. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the feed milling industry and his wide-ranged network he will bring an impulse to our company. We see this as a great opportunity to strengthen and increase our position in the market and have great confidence in our cooperation.'

Visit the Inteqnion website, HERE.

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