Michael Tolmie

Zinpro Corporation, one of the leading providers of animal nutrition solutions, has welcomed Michael Tolmie as the global digital marketing director. Mr Tolmie will lead the development of a stronger digital ecosystem to communicate with customers across the globe.

'Our customers want and need easy access to new information that is relevant to their industry and business,' says Rob Sheffer, president and CEO of Zinpro. 'We are investing in our digital marketing team, systems and capabilities so we are able to more efficiently reach our customers where they are with the solutions they are seeking.'

Mr Tolmie holds a bachelor's degree in integrated marketing communications from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. He brings two decades of experience in building strong teams and integrated digital strategies. Mr Tolmie will be based at Zinpro headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

'We are very excited to have Michael on board to help us stay on the cutting edge of the ever-changing digital business frontier,' Mr Sheffer continues. 'As a company, we are committed to leveraging technology as we build stronger, more meaningful connections between our industry experts and customers around the world, and Michael is well positioned to lead us in that effort.'

for more information about Zinpro visit their website, HERE.

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