The latest speaker to be confirmed at the Aquatic Asia Conference is Mr Alexandre Veille of Olmix.


Mr Veille serves as Olmix Group's Asia Aquaculture Manager, and has worked with the company for over three years. 

His presentation is entitled 'Innovative use of algae extracts to support disease prevention in shrimp culture'.


The abstract is as follows:

"The shrimp industry, alongside with other fast-growing sectors, has been severely hit by a series of infectious diseases leading to severe losses for the industry. Therefore, mitigating infectious diseases is one of the many challenges in aquaculture.

From the perspective of virulence evolution, the economic consideration for high productivity by increasing density, shortening rearing time, reducing genetic diversity by breed selection and misuse of antibiotics, could lead to the evolution of increased virulence and, thus, worsen the future loss of such outbreaks.

Altering rearing practices, lowering pathogenic pressure or enhancing host natural immune defenses, in the interest of preventing pathogen evolution, could potentially give a long‐term benefit with short‐term costs. As pathogens can evolve, so too can the host"s immune mechanisms.

However, immunity can come at a price (metabolic and maintenance) that should be balanced by the protection it confers. Therefore, depending on the pathogen occurrence and virulence, different strategies have been adopted to target the pathogen. Innate immune systems can be a first strategy, as it can evolve alongside the pathogen evolution and can be enhanced at a reasonable cost.

Many years of research with seaweeds has lead Olmix to create various innovative solutions to deal with diseases in shrimp aquaculture. This innovation comes from sulphated polysaccharides that are extracted from seaweeds and used as functional supplements or as structural polysaccharides to modify the montmorillionite clay structure.

Functional sulphated polysaccharides, such as MSP®IMMUNITYwill have an immune-modulatory effect in shrimp which provide better resistance to stress arising from culture practices, to pathogenic infection such as WSSV, AHPND, WFD. Versatility of these polysaccharides allow for application at both farm and feed mill, to optimise the complete lines of defense when facing pathogenic pressure.

Scientific and field trial have shown to provide consistent results improving diseases resistance in shrimp from hatchery to grow out."


The Aquatic Asia Conference, taking place at VIV Asia in March 14th, is a one-day conference focussing on the latest in shrimp nutrition and farming technology.

Other confirmed speakers include members of Adisseo, Tanin Sevnica, Aliphos, Harper Adams University and much more.



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