Due to the unstable pandemic situation, PT Napindo Media Ashatama, the organiser of the mentioned expo, has decided to divert the offline edition of Indo Livestock2021 initially scheduled for June 23-25 2021 to instead be a virtual event which is going to be held August 2-7, 2021.

In this virtual event, the organisers will present a new experience of business and promotion through programs and features including a Virtual Booth, Technical Product Presentation and Business Matchmaking, which can be easily accessed in a timeless and flexible effort. Distance and time-commitments are no longer a barrier because you can do all the activities virtually or online.

This virtual event is aimed to be the best solution to generate business and promotion activities. The virtual expo will open up the doors for everyone to retain a broader connection with leading companies and stakeholder in livestock, vet, agriculture, and fisheries sectors during these restrictions.

The upcoming 16th edition of Indo Livestock, Indo Feed, Indo Dairy, Indo Agritech, Indo Vet and Indo Fisheries 2022 will be held July 6-8 2022 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia.

For more information visit the Indo Livestock Series website, HERE.

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