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The Eon Group is seeing the benefits from its newly built, state-of-the-art floating and sinking pelleting feed plant in the Trisal Ragamara Bazar, Mymensinh in Bangladesh.

The Eon Group is a fast-growing agro-based conglomerate which provides inputs to farmers - both for crop and livestock farmers - to produce high-yield and high-quality farm outputs.

The company is engaged in the manufacturing, importation and distribution of various types of products, enabling customers access to economical and rich-quality farm products.

With a vision to be a contributor to 'Food Security and Safety' in Bangladesh, the Eon Group produces products that give priority not only to humans but also to animals. It also produces feeds through the assurance of the production of hundreds of halal and hygienic foods and by ensuring establishing the quality of raw materials through extensive testing.

Eon Group has a number of feedmills located in throughout the country in order to meet the needs of its farmer customers. After successfully adopt one hammer mill from Famsun in an old feed plant, Eon Group decided to import two processing lines from Famsun for a new feed plant in 2017.

An advanced and practical feedmill

These two processing lines in the new factory feature: One is a five-to-six tonnes per hour (tph) extrusion line specialised in the production of high-quality micro floating fish feed of 0.6-4.0mm, using a SJPS120x2 Extruder, a SKGD2000-8 Dryer and a PTCL2000 Vertical Coater as key machines.

The other is a 10-12tph pelleting line that presses a balanced nutritional diet into high-quality poultry feed or into sinking fish feeds, using a Famsun SZLH650x175 Pelletmill.

The factory is a fully computer-controlled plant, which is very much improving productivity and eliminating human error.

Efforts to boost modern aquaculture

When talking about the specialty of the machine, Chief Operating Officer for business at Eon Group, Hasan Mahmud, told the media at the opening ceremony that, "This is the first vertical coater in the Bangladesh market imported to Eon Group, which has high-tech technologies and it can spray one-to-seven percent oil with high efficiency."

Beside excellent machines, Famsun delivered this project with thoughtful engineering design.

Enough space and smooth passes are designed to ensure safe, convenient operation and maintenance in the workshops while reducing the cost of steel structure fabrication like maintenance platforms and walkways.

Given the frequent unscheduled power cuts in Bangladesh, the process's systems are designed to be more agile to protect equipment from hard shutdown and yet capable of restoring production smoothly with minimised material wastage.

Collaboration and localisation

Famsun delivered the project in collaboration and cooperation with local civil construction companies and its engineering and service partnering teams.

Installation of the two production lines was completed on schedule and within 150 days, and executed strictly under the guidance of Famsun local engineering expert according to Flawless Project Delivery (FPD) system - a unique, well-proved standardised tool that Famsun has developed to achieve optimal results and systematic success for customers in project delivery; no matter where its build or by whom.

Famsun has been supporting Bangladesh agro-industries with technological development since 2004. During this period, it has cooperated with most of the largest feedmills and has established over 65 production lines for broiler feed, layer feed, sinking/ floating fish feed, cattle feed, soybean extrusion as well as grain dryers and storage silos in a range of sizes.


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