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When producing animal or fish feed, a high degree of fineness must always be achieved. Especially in the production of aqua feed, it is important that the ground components have a very high level of fineness and a precise separation cut. Finding a suitable mill for this challenging task is, therefore, essential.

The grinding history of Tietjen

Grinding has changed a great deal in the past few decades and, therefore, the requirements of the production process have also adjusted to reflect this. As a specialist in grinding technology, Tietjen Verfahrenstechnik always keeps an eye on the size reduction of mixed raw materials, especially in challenging applications such as pet food and aqua feed. Together with our worldwide customers and partners, Tietjen continue to optimise and search for the economically best solutions for targeted crushing to suit customer requirements.

Since 1959, Tietjen has been building hammer mills and individual grinding solutions in Hemdingen, near Hamburg, Germany. With our Tietjen mills you can grind anything from ordinary solids, such as wood, to extraordinary materials like incense resin or aqua feeds, with a high fineness level.

To ensure that our customers achieve even better grinding results, we have been looking more closely at optimising the pre-crushing process. Good crushing depends, on the one hand, on the technical design of the hammer mill itself (sieve surface, impact surface, motorisation, speed and sieve perforation) and, on the other hand, on the aspiration of the mill (air volume flow, air speed, filter type, filter surface). The grinding plant itself can only be optimally operated with appropriate, load-dependent controlled dosing of the input material.

The perfect hammer mill for your business demands

In order to continue producing the best possible products in the future, special attention must be paid to every technical detail at the beginning of the process chain. The grain structure and fineness achieved by the grinding process are of definitive importance to achieve the desired quality. Finally, the key nutritional-physiological ingredients must always be maintained, in every place, for each extrudate and for every small pellet.

Key considerations for fish and shellfish feed include:

  • Feed conversion ratio (FCR)
  • Sink and swim behaviour
  • Environmental compatibility of the residues

For the best results in production, the system components must be properly coordinated. Good grinding produces a defined, uniform particle size and is a prerequisite for the efficient utilisation of the ingredients. A guaranteed grist and reliably cleaned material at the extrusion interface avoids extruder downtimes, ensures energy efficient drying and cooling as well as optimum oil absorption in the coating process. This, in turn, has positive effects for the packaging process and storability of the feed.

Depending on the customers' requirements, as well as the final product, Tietjen offers different grinding solutions such as the Tietjen Impact Classifier Mill (TICM) and the Hammer Mill FD.

Technological advantages of the TICM

The TICM fine grinding concept is specially designed for the requirements of fish feed and pet food production and, thus, exceeds high demands. The TICM combines efficient grinding with precise classification in one machine. Therefore, it is possible to produce particularly homogeneous end products with high fineness ranges from 100μm-to-400μm and a precise separation cut of up to 99 percent at high throughput rates.

Another special feature is the optimised grinding chamber, designed for gentle processing with a low rise in temperature in order to preserve vitamins and micro-components in the ground material. In addition, single-stage grinding enables a compact system design and can, thus, be excellently integrated into existing systems as a dedicated fine grinding line.

Technological advantages of the FD mill

The hammer mill FD, on the other hand, is suitable for fine grinding, especially for pet food and fish feed. This mill can be used to grind fish and poultry meal as well as peas, corn and other cereals. The screen basket guides have become more robust and effective. This especially means that screens with small perforations can be guided and supported more optimally. As a result, the mill can grind the product even finer, giving the ground products a premium quality. Other special features include a tighter tolerance, split baffle plates and new screen holders. The baffle plates and sieves can be changed optionally. Consequently, the grinding fineness can be adjusted as required. With it is 'sister-product', our GD mill, the FD mill has in common a superior line capacity for fine grinding.

No single aqua feed recipe resembles another, so, Tietjen has developed unique systems for individual needs. Depending on the customers' requirements, we offer a wide range of grinding solutions even for challenging recipes, always providing the right grinding system for your company.

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